What is Garden Design?

Garden design is the art and process of creating new plans for the layout and planting of an outdoor area. This could be a brand new space, a mature garden, or a single feature such as a patio or pond. Re-designing your garden, or an element of your garden, can enhance your enjoyment of your outside space, and add value to your property.

Our Garden Design Service

Whether you would like a complete garden re-design, or you simply wish to add or improve a particular feature, our aim at Green Man Gardens is to create a visually pleasing space which will also meet the practical needs of you and your family. Our designs are based on the specific requirements of each individual client, and we remain as flexible as possible to accommodate all budgets. Designs can be modest or grand, and the size and aspect of the garden will also have an impact on the overall design, helping to determine the possibilities.

What Exactly Does the Process Involve?

The first step is a free consultation where we visit your garden or site and talk with you about your requirements and budget. During this consultation we discuss a variety of ideas and solutions, which a lot of our clients find very helpful as they may not be aware the range of possibilities. We will also provide advice on materials, to help you balance aesthetic, practical and budgetary considerations. Sometimes one consultation is all that is needed to determine what will be the most suitable solution. If this is the case, we will send you a cost estimate for the project within 2-3 days.

Formal Design Service

For more complex projects, Green Man Gardens provides a formal design service, from initial concepts through to detailed working drawings, covering both hard landscape construction and planting. If you are interested in this route following the initial consultation, we will send you a proposal outlining our costs.

The next step is for us to carry out a full site assessment and survey. Following this, we will send you a written brief including our analysis of the survey and the details of your requirements, wishes and budget.

Once you have approved the brief, we will provide you with a set of concept designs or plans. These are coloured sketches, hand-drawn to scale, that show different options for how each part of your garden could be used. The sketches present a variety of layouts, and show how different materials can be used to create varying texture combinations, each giving the garden a unique look and feel. Our concept designs are very flexible, and it's possible to pick and choose the elements you like, evolving the design into a highly bespoke creation. If Green Man Gardens is implementing the plans, the concept designs are often enough to work from – though this does depend on the size of the project.

For large scale projects, or if the implementation phase is being carried out by a third party, we can produce accurate plans, hand-drawn to scale, which show the exact levels and layout of all areas, the precise positioning of every element, and the materials to be used. In addition, we can provide axonometric and isometric projections and drawings to give you a 3D visual representation of what your garden will look like.

To complete the design process, we can provide full planting plans, taking into account seasonal effects, maintenance requirements, and how the garden will mature.

Whatever your wishes, needs and budget, we are fully committed to being as flexible as possible, and will provide you with sound advice and creative designs that are suitable for you and your garden.

To arrange a free no-obligation estimate please call 01392 975540
Email: info@greenmangardensdevon.co.uk or book online