Paving & Patios

We construct paths and patios using a variety of materials according to your requirements. Our recommendations will always take into account the setting. Popular materials include concrete slabs, bricks and Indian sandstone.


Natural stone can be used for a range of purposes, for example, retaining walls, raised beds and border edges. We use different types of stone and techniques to achieve a variety of effects, including dry stone walling.


We build areas of decking to fit any shape and size. We usually use pressure treated timber, which has a natural look. This works really well in sunny areas. Timber decking is not recommended for shady areas, as it can become very slippery, particularly if it's not maintained.


We construct fences using both featheredge fencing and panel fencing. Featheredge fencing is generally stronger. However, our panel fencing is hand-made by a trusted supplier and is better quality and more hard-wearing than standard panel fencing. All wood used is pressure treated.

Water Features

A pond, fountain or other bespoke water feature can make your garden more interesting and diverse. Many people find the presence of water relaxing, and it has the added benefit of bringing new wildlife into your garden. We can advise you on a variety of options.

Pergolas & Other Wooden Structures

We custom build pergolas, arbors and other wooden structures to order, using pressure-treated timber which has a natural look and is weatherproof. We also build raised beds, using either new or reclaimed sleepers.


Our gates are custom built using tongue and groove or featheredge boards to fit the size of the entranceway and to suit the setting. All wood used is pressure-treated.


Using good quality seeded turf sourced from a trusted local supplier, we create instant lawns, which are ready to be enjoyed soon after laying.


We provide advice on which plants would be best suited to your garden, taking into account the situation of your garden (for example, whether it faces north or south), how much sunlight it gets, the soil pH levels, and of course your personal preferences. We can also source plants, and plant them for you.

Garden Maintenance

We can also provide a full maintenance service, including grass cutting, hedge cutting, pruning, weeding and garden clearance.

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