Mrs Halls, Sidmouth – November 2015

  • Revamp of front garden to include sandstone patio with a curving path to front gate
  • Construction of new featheredge fence, gate and gravel area
  • Preparation of beds for planting

Mr and Mrs Collett, Exeter – October 2015

  • Construction of lower and upper patio areas with steps between the two levels
  • Construction of steps to lawn area at top of garden
  • Construction of block and render wall to retain lawn area, with raised bed on top

Mr and Mrs Williams, Cadeleigh – September 2015

  • Construction of brick path using clay pavers laid in a Herringbone pattern, providing access around the rear of the house

Mr and Mrs Varker, Crediton – August 2015

  • Construction of large area of decking on three levels
  • Construction of block wall to retain bank and support decking, and steps to provide access

Mr and Mrs Hall, Exeter – June 2015

  • Re-design of back garden to decrease maintenance requirements and create a seating area in the sunniest spot
  • Construction of a small circular patio using sandstone and clay paver edging, a curved stone bench using red walling stone and sandstone, and a brick BBQ
  • Extension of patio by conservatory doors and extension of path at side of house to link to new BBQ and seating area

Mr Oppong, Exeter – May 2015

  • Re-design of the bottom of the garden to include a circular patio seating area framed by planted beds
  • Creation and planting of beds around edge of garden using sandstone sets
  • Construction of a small raised bed for vegetable growing and extension of patio area by garage

Mr and Mrs Bradley, Exmouth – February - April, 2015

  • Re-design of whole garden at a new build property, based on the clients’ wishes and needs
  • Construction of a series of stone retaining walls above kitchen patio to transform a steep slope into level areas - a mixture of raised beds and lawn sections
  • Construction of trellis screen for climbing plants
  • Construction of patio seating area at the side of the house by the lounge patio doors, enclosed by a curved sloping stone retaining wall with a pergola behind
  • Construction of path from the lounge patio for easy access to rest of garden, with adjacent bed

Mr Barr, Exeter – September, 2014

  • Re-design of the area adjoining the house and the area at the far end of the garden
  • For the area adjoining the house: replacement of cracked brick retaining wall with a stone wall and replacement of decking with Indian sandstone paving, to include a raised section to make more of the sun
  • For the area at the far end of the garden: removal of existing paving slabs and construction of a low maintenance area consisting of a raised bed for growing vegetables in, surrounded by stone chippings and with a new step and stone edging to the ground level beds
  • Construction of a new gate with cladding to make the garden more secure

Mr & Mrs Payne, Woodbury Salterton – July/August, 2014

  • Removal of existing brick retaining wall to extend patio area
  • Construction of new stone retaining wall using Tavistock walling stone and built to create a dry stone effect, with steps through the middle
  • Extension of patio area with slabs to match existing slabs
  • Construction of upper level seating area for a garden bench with additional steps to connect this area with the lower area

Mr & Mrs Aldridge, Exeter – May, 2014

  • Re-design of area at the bottom of the garden to be transformed into a seating area for entertaining
  • Removal of existing turf
  • Construction of brick retaining walls to create a level area and incorporate four square beds
  • New seating area constructed with brick pavers laid in a basket weave pattern and surrounded with stone chippings
  • Planting of the beds with standard bay trees to finish

Mr & Mrs Aggett, Royston – February, 2014

  • Re-design of area of garden closest to the house, to include a patio / entertaining area, raised beds and retaining walls. The new area needed to be low maintenance
  • Removal of all existing concrete paths and turf
  • Construction of brick retaining walls and raised beds
  • New patio and paths laid with Indian Sandstone and complemented with scottish river pebbles
  • Planting of the beds to finish

Mr & Mrs Fry, Exeter – June, 2013

  • Re-design of back garden involving extension of the patio area, and construction of a stone retaining wall and steps to connect the two levels of the garden
  • Construction of a new featheredge fence along the length of the garden, and extension of the lawn at the bottom
  • The patio consists of Indian sandstone

Mr Maston, Fingringhoe – November, 2013

  • Re-design of front garden, beginning with the removal of old, mossy turf and dead & overgrown shrubs
  • Construction of a winding brick path with seating areas using brick pavers laid in a basket weave pattern
  • Construction of a formal central feature, consisting of a brick circle with stone bird bath, positioned along the central axis from the front door, complemented with dwarf lavender planted around the edge
  • Planting of a low formal hedge of Prunus etna along the edge of the drive
  • Laying of new turf, and mulching and planting of beds

Mr & Mrs Badcock, London – July, 2013

  • Design and build of small sunken garden in central London
  • The brief was to create a garden that incorporated both a patio / seating area, and a lawn area, which would maintain privacy from the elevated footpath running along the back of the garden
  • Three initial concept designs were provided. The chosen design used soft lines and shapes with a circular seating area and lawn to make the most of the small area
  • A child-friendly water feature was included
  • Advice was provided on plants which would help to maintain privacy, as well as attract insects and other wildlife
  • The patio consists of Indian sandstone

Mr Brown, Langford – March, 2012

  • Laying of a large patio area for the family to enjoy during the summer months
  • Construction of a stone retaining wall, and steps connecting the two levels of the garden
  • The stone wall consists of Tavistock walling stone and was chosen to create a dry stone effect
  • The patio consists of Indian sandstone

Miss Tomlinson, Exeter – July, 2012

  • Design of back garden to create a seating area at the lower level and a lawn with a path on the upper level, beginning with raising the height of the lawn area to create a level finish
  • Construction of a brick retaining wall, and steps to connect the two levels of the garden
  • Laying of new turf
  • The patio consists of an Indian sandstone circle set with squaring-off slabs
  • The path, running along the side of the lawn and the back of the house, consists of sandstone paving

Mr & Mrs Ford, Crediton – August, 2013

  • Design of garden at the side of the house using old and reclaimed materials, with the aim of creating a low maintenance space
  • An unlikely part of the property to develop, but the great view and plenty of sunshine make it ideal for use as a seating area
  • Laying of paths using old block pavers, connecting the seating area to the front and back of the house
  • Gravel borders
  • Bespoke three-tiered granite water feature with a reclaimed brick surround

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